In this day and age, when you hear a phrase like "high demand" for such and such a career, it usually means that the need is huge, and that there's likely a shortage of folks to do that kind of work. For instance, you hear all sorts of ads across almost all media platforms, that healthcare industry workers are in high demand. Doctors, nurses, and especially medical assistants.

Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor is looking to help bridge that gap. They are  offering an opportunity for 40 students to receive a complete package of tuition, books, related fees, and even a set of scrubs, completely free of charge. There is such a shortage in this particular field, and the demand has never been bigger.

EMCC is able to do this, thanks to some financial help from the Harold Alfond Foundation, and the Foundation for Maine's Community Colleges. It's a one year, hands-on training program that will have students literally working while they learn.

Angela Parks, a faculty member in the medical assistant program had this to say to FOX-22:

As a faculty member here I'm thrilled to be offering this program and getting the chance to teach most of the classes in this program...They're going to learn it best by doing it and seeing it and applying it. That is our motto here.

No matter what your age, if you want to make a difference in people's lives, or just need a fully across-the-board career change, this might be a great opportunity. And a big shout out should go to EMCC, for finding a way to not only fill a need in the community, but to get folks an education in a growing field, that will not set them back years financially by burying folks in student loans. Nicely done!


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