Who doesn’t love murals on city buildings? In your own city or town, or when you are traveling.

Great when they are Maine-oriented too.

And on Saturday you will get the first sneak peek look at what the next wall mural in Ellsworth will look like.

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It’s a party.  Bring a lawn chair so you can comfortably check out what the wall on the side of Coastal Interiors on Water Street, Ellsworth will look like.

Here's the before photo


This will be a giant video installation this Saturday, June 25, beginning at 7 p.m. The evening will run until 9 p.m.

Heart of Ellsworth is holding ‘Beyond the Brick’.  Muralist Judy Taylor of Tremont will be introduced, and the video will be projected onto the business wall at Coastal Interiors on Water Street.

She has been commissioned to paint the city’s downtown mural, which has been described as a Maine art mashup of images.

The unveiling will also include music and spoken word as part of the program.

The Heart of Ellsworth’s mural project received initial funding from Maine Community Foundation. The Maine Arts Commission also provided funding. And citizens and visitors who would like to donate or have an interest in volunteering for the project can get information here.

Heart of Ellsworth is a non-profit that champions downtown Ellsworth through beautification projects and community initiatives.

This site is one of six sites that were selected through a competitive proposal process with the Maine Development Foundation’s Maine Downtown Center.

Paint the city of Ellsworth, this Saturday evening. There will be dancing in the streets.

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