In the last several years, eggs have gotten a bit of a bad rep in my opinion. Everybody talks about cholesterol this, and too many calories that...But the poor little egg is just sitting over here like, "Hey, why you gotta be hatin' on little old me?" And really, most people tend to eggs-aggerate how bad they can be. Even popular diet plans have started realizing how high in protein they are, and basking in their total lack of carbs.

The town of Pittsfield knows way better than to buy into all that hype, as they have just announced the dates for the Central Maine Egg Festival. This year it will be July 9th - July 14th, in coordination with the Kiwanis Karnival. It's a celebration of the egg in as many ways as they can possibly dream up, and beyond. It's an eggs-traordinarily good time for the whole family!

They're going to feature the Egg-lympics, a street dance, kiddie parade and a full parade, quiche and cheesecake contest, little chick contest. Plus rides, food, games, live music, and face painting for the wee ones.

This year the theme is going to be Marvel Super hero Eggs. Their website explains the details about how they cam up with this year's theme:

The Central Maine Egg Festival Committee is pleased to announce the theme for the 46th Egg Festival will be Marvel Super "Eggs".


The committee took all of the entries received in 2017 which totaled over 30 to choose Jarett M. Thies' entry.  Jarett is in the 3rd grade at Vickery School.


Jarett and his family were excited that his entry was chosen for the 46th Central Maine Egg Festival to take place on Monday, July 9 through Saturday, July 14.


The prize for the contest winner will be ride bracelets for a family of 4 for the Kiwanis Karnival . Jarett will have the opportunity to ride in the Big Parade on Saturday, July 14, 2018 in a classic or antique vehicle.


Congratulations to Jarett who really likes the Marvel characters.  We will all be having a Marvel Super "Egg" type of time this Summer.


The complete details for the event are on their Facebook page, as well as their website, so definitely check it out. There's definitely something for everyone in the whole family. So it's time to start thinking about all the awesome stuff you can do. Plus it goes on all week! Go a couple times!

Regardless, all that really matters is that you can totally eggs-pect to have a blast!!

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