With the Patriots out of the Super Bowl game picture, even though Tom Brady is in and I’m hoping he gets another ring, the focus this year at whatever kind of party we can safely hold has got to be the food.

We’ll get to the fan favorites from the kitchen in a minute, but first some random facts.  And yes, of course they are trending differently this year due to “you know what”

Super Bowl betting is expected to be down by over one third this year.  That’s a lot of money since the amount of money gambled each year for the game is well into the billions, yes that billions with a B.

About two thirds of Americans say they are planning to watch the game, that’s down from previous years

Only about one in five will be watching at a Super Bowl party. Meaning a gathering that includes more than just immediate family who live in the household. That’s down from the past.

Lots have said that they will be watching the game alone, and that they will be drinking alone as they watch.  I actually love the song so for me it’s okay, but now Carrie Underwood’s Drinking Alone is running through my head.  Speaking of music, Eric Church sings the National Anthem before the game, and Dolly Parton has her first Super Bowl TV ad as she re-does her song 9 to 5, turning it into 5 to 9.

Tom Brady is still getting a mixed reaction from New Englanders on whether they want to see him win in another uniform.  Some say Yes he brought us 6 Super Bowl Championships. Others say No way, they still can’t accept that he left the Patriots.

So for those who don’t care who wins, and plan to eat their way through the game, What are you eating?  Popular foods across the country in no particular order, 7 layer dip, chili, wings, spinach artichoke dip, and of course cake.

Maine’s most popular dish according to Delish is Nachos.  I’m going to google a recipe for nachos right now and get ahead of the game. I got your Covid 15 right here.

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