Hope you enjoyed the 4th of July fireworks. Spent time with the family. Saw the fireworks. But the smoke didn't affect you. Or at least you heard them. And hopefully your dog didn’t hear them.

Oh oh, we have a problem.

With another fireworks show behind us, here is something to think about. In some places, public fireworks shows are becoming a thing of the past. Hold it, that can’t be.

We will still celebrate holidays like the 4th of July with a fireworks like public show, but it won’t be fireworks.

Fireworks pollute the air, are intrusive to those with breathing issues and get most dogs going crazy.

What will Replace Fireworks?


July 4th Highlights.mov from Verge Aero on Vimeo.

Drones will provide light shows.

Just one more thing that maybe someday people will ask “Were you alive when they used to shoot off fireworks into the air, instead of providing a light show”

The trend has already started around the world.

And yes in the good ole USA too. Some have moved on from explosives to a Drone Light show many years ago.

Mostly in the US the changeover has begun on the West Coast.

Drones are greener, and quieter. There are concerns however. And since they involve the almighty dollar, it is a problematic issue. Cost. Drones cost much more money than a typical community fireworks show.

However someday sooner rather than later, it'll be one more thing that becomes 'A thing of the past'

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