The occupant of a Glenburn house wasn't hurt when a vehicle ran into the side of the house, right where she was sleeping.

Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesperson Shannon Moss says the crash happened just after 11:00 Monday night. Police responded to the report of a car that had struck the side of a house at 588 Hudson Road in Glenburn. 45-year-old Peter H. Oliver died in that crash.

An initial investigation revealed that Oliver's 1996 Toyota Camry was traveling southbound on the Hudson Road in Glenburn when it crossed the northbound lane of travel and went off the road to the left. Investigators are not sure what prompted the vehicle to veer off the pavement. It continued into the ditch and struck a utility pole, which propelled the car back into the roadway. From there, it continued across both lanes of travel and onto the property at 588 Hudson Road, crossing the lawn and hitting the side of the house. Oliver was pronounced dead at the scene.

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An elderly woman was sleeping in the room where the car struck the house, and police say the impact of the crash sent her bed sliding across the room. She, however, was not hurt. Still, police had her transported to a local hospital as a precaution, so she could get checked out.

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