There's a cool store on Harlow Street in Bangor that I've been by a few times called Retro Swagger. There's lots of cool vintage stuff, vintage looking stuff, recycled stuff, arty get the idea. It automatically sounds like your kind of place, right?

Well, they decided to exponentially up their coolness factor with a recent announcement from their Facebook page. They now have what they describe as a "high-speed Australian Rag cutter" that transforms your old clothes into new rags that you can use to clean around the house!

At a mere 50 cents per article of clothing, you can't afford not to do it!! After years in the kitchen industry back in the day, I fully advocate the importance of having constant access to clean rags for doing every chore imaginable. Cleaning spills and messes is a lot easier with an absorbent rag, as opposed to a wasteful wad of paper towels.

Besides, now you never have to get rid of that letter jacket from high school, or your acid-washed jeans with the cheetah print pockets, or that "vintage" Celtics jersey your wife hates. Even better, take your Ex's old blue t-shirt you spent all those nights sobbing into, and re-purpose it into something you can use to clean the toilet! The possibilities are endless.

Either way, it seems that the ingenious folks down at Retro Swagger truly have found a way to turn rags into riches.

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