If you need a distraction from all the pandemic news, check out this hilarious Dad from Facebook's Quarantine Karaoke.

Whenever my daily routine of reporting on press briefings, COVID-19 statistics, and emergency declarations gets to be too much, I spend a few minutes on the Facebook page, Quarantine Karaoke. It's a welcome relief for me, and for anyone who's feeling down, right now. The page was started by Joseph Meyers, of Brewer, and has become an international sensation. (earlier today, I watched a group singing in Brisbane, Australia!) I've seen some very talented people, both young and old, and others who are just having fun.

Donnie Lummus falls into that latter category. I'm not saying that Donnie can't sing, but it's not the vocals that will catch your attention. Rather, it's the hair, the scarf blowing in the wind, and the zebra-print leggings.

Thanks to Joseph Meyers for starting this awesome Facebook page. It's one of the coolest sites I've ever become obsessed with. And thanks to Donnie Lummus for making us laugh. We think you're awesome.

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