If you're like me, there's a good chance you've barely started your taxes, let alone finished them. Maybe you're also looking for that last minute deduction, or charitable contribution to bring your bottom line down a tad. Well then, have a look-see at the Chickadee Checkoff!

Included in the 1040 short form and long form, you can also fill out a Schedule CP. It's an extra form included in both booklets, that allows you to make a charitable donation to a state fund thast helps protect non-game and threstened species of birds native to Maine. According to the Maine Fish and Wildlife section at Maine.gov, Mainers have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars since the program began in 1984. Definitely go to the website and get more info here.

It's benefited many species such as the Bald Eagle and the Piping Plover, as well as other countless species of indigenous fauna. In addition, it's helped fund many wildlife surveys over the years, as well as many forms of scientific research.

If you're going to donate to charity anyway, why not put this on your list? It's a rare case where you can plainly see where all your money is going. Not to mention, it's pretty simple to deal with. Or, do what I do, tell your tax person to just take care of it!

Either way, what a great cause! So donate to the beautiful little birdies and woodland creatures of Maine. I guarantee you won't be mad at yourself for helping nature.

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