Our dogs, Gifford and Lola, sure had fun in the snow this morning, including Giff's trip to the top of my car.

For most of us, the snow is a big pain, with lots of shoveling, clearing snow off vehicles, and the like. But for our two furry friends, it's just a whole new perspective on the yard. Everything becomes equal, so that means the dogs can climb nearly up to the windows of the house or, in Gifford's case, use Mom's car like a jungle gym.

Lola has a much more sedate approach to the snow and enjoys keeping her feet on the ground. Of course, she's 14 and Gifford's not even 2 years old. But she does enjoy a game of 'kick the snow.' Trying to catch it in her mouth can keep her entertained forever. And we're happy to oblige.

So when they headed out into the snow this morning, I grabbed my camera and tagged along. I'm not sure who had more fun, them or me!

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