The Eddington Fire Department shared a video of a dog accidentally starting a fire that demonstrates the importance of shielding controls on gas appliances.

It started out like any other day at the home being monitored by a security camera. The humans had gone off to work and left their two large dogs home alone. The camera turns on every few minutes, so it catches snippets of what goes on during the day. But, in this case, it tells the whole story.

At about 2:48, you can see one of the dogs jump his front paws up on the stove, reportedly to grab some leftover pancakes. As he lowers himself back down, however, he inadvertently turns on the gas stove. At 2:38 in the video, you can see that a fire has started on the stove. The dogs wander around the house as it fills up with smoke and the fire grows bigger.

Luckily, these homeowners had the security company monitoring their home. At 2:45 in the video, you can see security guards entering the house and running to put out the fire. The dogs were not hurt, but it's an excellent reminder to be conscious of the fire hazards in your home.

The best defense is always to have plenty of working smoke detectors. In a case like this, if not for the security company, those screaming fire alarms could have alerted a neighbor that there was a problem. But, in addition, if you have gas appliances, it's a good idea to have safety covers for the controls. Call your local fire department with any questions about how to improve the safety of your home.

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