Visitors to Maine beaches this summer should take heart that in the past decade, there has been only one shark attack off the Maine coast. Do you remember it?

It happened in 2010 in Broad Cove (also known as Burnt Cove) off the coast of Eastport. Diver Scott MacNichol of Perry came upon an 8-foot portbeagle, a cold-water shark that usually feeds on small fish. The diver was forced to fend off the 300-pound shark with his camera. You can watch the encounter in the video above.

The attack is the only one listed for Maine in a report released this week by Safewise, which documented 443 non-fatal and six fatal shark attacks in the United States since 2007. The report found that the most attacks occurred in Florida and Hawaii.

The two other shark attacks in New England were recorded off Cape Cod.

The report was released to coincide with the premiere of Shark Week on July 22.

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