I have a tendency to cruise around the classifieds on Craigslist for two things. I either look in the musical instruments for sale, or I look at the want-ads for musicians looking to start bands, or join bands and whatnot. But the other day, I came across this post that I thought was pretty odd, if not quite intriguing.

As I was scoping the ads, I came across an unnamed musician from southern Maine, who is looking, not to put together a new musical project, but looking for like-minded musicians/people who would like to do some fairly involved research into the existence of Bigfoot. Honestly, I'm not sure where I would put that post on Craigslist either, but the musician section seems like a decent start to me.

I am a local, long time musician and songwriter currently active playing music. But for many years I also have this as an interest. So I am looking for proponents and anyone else interested in getting together to discuss this creature over coffee somewhere. I have been a researcher for 5 years though I do not get into the field as much as I would like to.  It does not matter how informed you are or what your gender or age is as much as whether or not you are interested in the subject enough to want to find out more. Experienced researchers are welcome of course as are hunters... And just so everyone knows this is not about hunting one of these creatures down but it is about a plan for getting video or photos.

We musicians are all pretty curious by nature, and certainly familiar with the concept of having to research, study, fail, and improve ourselves. It's not unlike the actual scientific process. And this person seems pretty intelligent, and very serious. So if this is you too, then this might be your chance.

He doesn't seem to be limiting it to just musicians he wants to hear from, it's just a group of folks he knows might be on his side. I know it piqued my interest. If I was still living in southern Maine, I might even be inclined to reach out myself. Maine seems like the perfect kind of state to harbor a beast of mythical proportions, considering we are the most densely wooded state in the entire country. So who knows?

If finding Sasquatch is on your agenda, maybe you could look this person up. I mean really, Maine should have an adequate Squatch hunting team, that is sussing out all the spots where the giant manimal could hide. And the ad specifies, the intent is not to hunt and kill a Bigfoot, just discover. And hopefully prove their existence as well. Are you up for the challenge?

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