You can't drive 5 minutes around your hometown without coming across someone doing a yard sale. Maybe you're the picker trying to find a great deal or that forgotten gem that could be auctioned off for $10,000. Or maybe, the season has got you in the mood to get your own yard sale up and running.

If you want to get your yard sale up and running this summer do know that getting a permit is the proper thing to do if your city or town requires it.

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The City of Bangor requires a permit to hold a yard sale. You need to fill out an application and hand it over to the Code Enforcement Officer. And you can only have a yard sale for 3 consecutive days with your permit and you are only allowed 2 permits per calendar year. If you are caught violating, you could be penalized with a fine of $25-$100.

The City of Brewer requires a permit as well that will cost you $3. Again, you are only allowed 3 days for your yard sale and two yard sales for the year.

Some Maine towns allow three yard sales in a year.

One Bangor area town, however, repealed needing a permit in 2003. The Town of Hampden repealed the ordinance after 20 years of enforcing it. It seems towns without this kind of ordinance or a need for a permit for a yard or garage sale are the smaller towns.

So, be safe and give the town office to call ahead if you are looking to get a yard sale up and running in your dooryard here in the State of Maine.

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