I think it's a fairly well known fact at this point, that Valentine's Day is just a holiday made up by various business enterprises to make a bunch of money off couples. On the other hand, regardless of its origin, lots of people love to celebrate the day by going out to eat, or buying each other presents. Or parents also love to give small gifts to their kids on Valentine's Day as well.

But I sort of got wondering what all of you decided to do with it. My wife and I celebrate sometimes, depending on what day of the week it falls on. And I can certainly see how some folks view it as kind of an amateur night for new couples. Whenever we do go out to eat, it seems mostly like young couples. Maybe the further into a relationship/marriage you get, the less important it seems.

When I put this question to Facebook earlier today, your responses seemed to vary between, "hey let's do this!" all the way to "bah-humbug!" and I guess I agree with both of those sentiments. I like to do nice things for my wife all the time and vice versa, but there have been plenty of years when we forgot it was even Valentine's until the next day, chuckling that we missed it.

Here are a few of your responses:

Like I said, you guys were actually pretty consistent. You either seem to be all for it, or totally against it. It's not like there's a wrong answer. Lord knows, anything that encourages you to do nice things for other people, can't be that bad. Even if it is an over commercialized holiday.

At any rate, we'll see what Thursday brings. I'll either be asleep on the couch, or out whooping it up. Haha. Only time will tell!

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