Looking for a fun and informative day trip this summer?

Or something for your visitors from away to do, to get them out of your hair for some me time?

This has Maine written all over it.

Maine’s highest lobster landing port is Stonington. And in the heart of Stonington, at 13 Atlantic Avenue, it is the home of Discovery Wharf. Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries (MCCF)’s vibrant interpretive center for visitors of all ages.

It is an interactive, hands-on learning experience from sea creatures in the touch tank to firsthand stories about life on the sea, Ask Leroy, with Captain Leroy Weed.

Virtual reality experiences of being on a lobster boat, riding on a Life Flight helicopter, touring an oyster farm, ice fishing, or being in a river filled with migrating alewives.

All visitors learn something new about Maine’s coastal fishing industry, all while having fun.

MCCF’s Executive Director, Alexa Dayton, shares,

We are looking forward to meeting visitors at our location on Stonington harbor so we can continue to showcase our fishing industries and the seafood economy of eastern Maine. Staff worked hard to get the space in great shape for the opening.


Discovery Wharf is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

New this season–MCCF transformed the 14 foot species map wall into an interactive touch wall and installed the exciting new “Wicked Weathah” exhibit. This climate change immersive video experience focuses on educating visitors about climate change and the ecosystem relationships between the ocean, land and data.

Using a touch-screen table, visitors will select a location such as downtown Stonington or the Deer Isle Causeway and apply an environmental condition such as a 50 – or 100-year storm surge or sea level rise. The floor-to-ceiling display provides an impactful augmented reality experience. MCCF hopes that visitors will leave this exhibit with a sense of urgency for action and a deeper understanding of the effects of climate change on coastal infrastructure.

About Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

Celebrating 20 years, 2003-2023, the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries works to secure a diversified fishing future by connecting fishermen, scientists, regulators, and others through collaborative research, education, and management. Our innovative and collaborative approach allows us to focus on keeping fishing alive for today and for tomorrow’s fishery stewards.

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