It's nearly Valentine's Day, and the global pandemic continues, and these two things are combining to make this February like no other for florists. Most of the flowers sold in America are imported from Ecuador and Mexico, and this year the supply chain might not be able to handle all the orders recently. Fingers crossed if flowers are at the top or your buying or receiving list.

Fresh flowers do make a house more homey, and roses must be the preferred flower for Valentine's Day. So good luck at your local florist.

And if you're a rookie when it comes to what color roses should I get for her or him, here comes the assistance you need. Remembering a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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Just so you know I'm not making this up, here's the story from Yahoo.

Red Roses signify Love, Commitment and Romance.  So perfect choice Romeo.

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designnatures/ Getty Images

If you get a darker red rose, a maroon color they are considered more sophisticated and grounded than red. They stand for loyalty, love and eternal beauty.

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Excitement, Flirtation and Creativity are what's said to be behind Pink Roses.

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Should you choose White Roses, they signify new beginnings, innocence, purity, elegance, and spirituality.

Beautiful background of roses.

If you select a coral, or peach, or close to orange color, the meaning behind them is warmth, support, loyalty, and enthusiasm.

Yellow roses

Yellow roses have special meaning to me. They were my mother's favorite color of rose, and when we had any gathering of family, most of her 7 adult children would bring her yellow roses. The house looked like a florist's shop.  But she sure loved those yellow roses. Meaning?  Friendship, warmth, joy, youth, energy.  Yup, that was her.

Happy Valentine's Day.  Hope you get Roses. And the correct color.

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