Idle curiosity got the best of me yesterday afternoon, and I was wondering what there were for songs out there that sung about our little hometown region. Surprisingly, there were no death metal or polka songs about Bangor. But I found tons of country songs that at least mention Bangor. And all of them awesome!!

Let's look at a few:

George Strait, Brother of the Highway

Randy Travis, covering King of the Road

Dierks Bentley, Band of Brothers

And we couldn't possibly leave out country legend Dick Curless, Tombstone Every Mile

I'm sure that Bangor's days as the logging/lumber capital of the world played a big role in it's storied history in country music. And the fact that this state has also produced some of the hardest working folks in the country fuels our love of these songs. No wonder our blue collar roots show through in our music. I'd love to know, do you have a favorite Bangor themed country song?

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