Maybe you were listening earlier this morning when I made my world debut on the Q morning show today. Normally, I'd barely even be out of bed at that hour, but this morning, we lost our power around 7am. As of noon, we still have no power at my house out in the boonies in Hampden.

Since I couldn't take a proper shower, or have coffee, or get online... I decided I might as well head into the office. When I arrived here, it was shining bright, like a beacon of welcoming electricity. If we had a shower here, I might never leave! As of noon...there are still almost 54,000 Emera customers without power. Sigh.

I asked folks on our Facebook page if they were in the same boat. And I found that it seemed to be pretty much universal. M Charles Porter definitely did the same, and hit the office 45 minutes early. As did Sandy PrestonWendy Brennan may have been the smartest one of all, because she went to the gym where they have power and hot showers!

Chasity Kitchen may have done like the rest of us and went into work, only to discover they didn't have power either! But David Bushey got the double whammy of having no power, and then having to go flag traffic for Emera!

As you can see, a lot of folks chose work over sitting at home in the quiet, doing nothing. Honestly, I thought about just going right back to bed, but I decided the need for coffee was just going to be too strong. Sadly, I'm beginning to feel like maybe the coffee wasn't strong enough! Oh well... maybe the power's back on at home...

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