Did you get to go on a Staycation trip this year? If so, and it was Downeast and you have pictures from that trip still in your phone or on your Facebook page, check this out.

Downeast Regional Tourism would like you to share those photos of your downeast vacation for a chance to win a prize package. Sorry for the bias, but hopefully a Mainer will win, but you don't have to be a Maine resident to enter the contest. You do have to be 18, and the photos need to be from 2020 and of course family friendly.

Here's the link to the contest. If you're like me, you'll at least want to look at the entries. I go for a hike and am always amazed at the scenery. Each and every time. Always in awe. But then I get home and look at the photos I've taken, and they just don't do this incredible area justice. So I'll be looking at the entries, knowing what I'm seeing, but also knowing I can't capture the visuals like real photographers can.

And if you haven't been Downeast lately, looks like this weekend will be perfect weather for getting out and getting those lungs full of that great fresh air, and our heads emptied of all the confusing stuff going on in our world right now. Enjoy.

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