I try not to believe it every year, because I get spring fever so bad. But last night, and the night before, I had to fire up the blasted woodstove. Sure, summer is still "officially" fifteen days away, but I'd like to think there could come a point where I don't need to worry about whether or not the furnace is going to kick on.

I get it, we live in Maine, but after the winter we just had, it just seems like Mother Nature is just going to continue the cruel joke of chilliness. Let's not forget, this was the scene on my back porch just a mere six weeks ago:

Photo: J Stew
Photo: J Stew

So to be firing up the woodstove, when the snow officially went away forever just a few weeks ago, is like an icy knife of sadness being thrust repeatedly in my back by a vindictive Mother Nature hell bent on ruining my summer. I'm sure the real kicker will be when the first snow falls this year before Halloween. Ugh. Why can't weather be on a subscription basis like cable and the internet?!

Anyway, if this has been you the last couple days, I'm right there with you. The whole time, reminding myself that at least burning wood is less expensive than oil, and much more fun to look at. I'm not much of a bright side kind of guy, but it's that or cry myself to sleep in front of the woodstove every night, clutching my summer clothes to my chest and rocking back and forth like I just lost my best friend.

Or, I could just man up, remember that this is Maine, and throw another log on the fire.

In June.


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