Hey kids! It's time to talk about another road trip! this week, let's talk about heading out to one of my favorite spots when I was a kid, Moxie Falls!

It's been a long time since I've been back, which is part of my inspiration for writing about it this week. But I got thinking about the Falls the other day, and started looking at some images online. And I immediately learned some things that I definitely never knew the first time I went back in the day.

Located in the Moxie Gore Township in the West Forks area of Somerset County, Moxie Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Maine, with it's highest drop being over 90 feet! So if you make the hike in to see it, you will be rewarded with some of nature's finest sights. Sure, it's no Niagara Falls, but this isn't bad at all. And to say the spot is picturesque would be a drastic understatement.

The trail to access the Falls is just shy of a mile, and the first half is very easy, but as you get closer to the base of the falls, it becomes more difficult, according to NewEnglandWaterfalls.com. Really, all said and done it's about a 20 minute hike in, one way. But the payoff is the view. It's absolutely astounding. Check it out!

goodshink via TripAdvisor

And that's still a little ways off from the it. As you get closer, you'll be blown away by the raging 90 foot drop that is like thunder going off non-stop. I can't imagine the volume of water pouring over at any given minute, but you get a feel for it when you're standing there watching, for sure.

goodshink via TripAdvisor

From the Bangor area, it takes about two hours to get there. But really, look at the photos. It's an amazing spot and certainly worth the payoff once you make the hike in. There are lots of places to stay, such as cabin rentals, or camping. So you could make a weekend of it if you want. There's gotta be some decent fishing in there. Although, last time I fished Moxie Lake nearby, that seemed to be somehow devoid of fish. We tried for hours and caught nothing.

But don't let that stop you. Pack up the family, pack up the camera, pack up the cooler, and hit the road. It's entirely possible you and I might run into each other there this summer, as I hope to make it back and enjoy the sights and sound of Moxie Falls!