This week, my friends, we're going to hop in the car and head down the coast a bit and check out Camden Hills State Park! If you've never been, it's got a little bit of everything, for everybody. Hate the water? No problem! There's almost 30 miles of walking/hiking trails. Hate Walking? No sweat there either! There's plenty of beach activity right down the road. After all, you are right next to the ocean.

The views up at the top are absolutely incredible. Especially when if you go all the way to the top of the small castle-y stone turret thingy at the top. I'm sure it has some sort of really official name that I don't know, and that the folks who run the park probably hate me for not knowing, but it's super cool.

Photo: Lawrence Michon via

There's a small stairway that leads you to the top, and when you get up there, especially on a clear day, you can see for miles. The whole bay, the islands, the town....everything. So killer.

And if you want to hang out in the area for a couple days, there are plenty of hotels, bed and breakfasts, or AirBnB's in the area. It is Camden, after all. Normally I try to send us to spots that are a bit off the beaten path. And I think you'll still feel that is possible if you're in the state park. Tourists do make their way over there, but it's not as popular as all the shops, and traditional means of sightseeing in the region.

Photo: Charlie Zaffa via

As usual, this is merely a suggestion of all the cool things you could do on any given weekend. The important thing is always spending time with friends and family. And these little trips can help you get somewhere new and exciting that you've never been before. So pack the kids, and pack the cooler and hit the road for Camden Hills State Park!