For a lot of folks, this is going to be great news. There's nothing worse than having a major food issue, and feeling like you can't go to certain places and events, because there will be zero food options. Cross Insurance Center has recognized that there a lot of folks out there who could benefit from this change.

For instance, my wife has Celiac Disease. A lot of people assume that there must be some small amount of gluten she can safely consume. The answer we get most often is "...well, there's hardly any flour in it". For her, that answer is not acceptable. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease, that attacks the body from within.

Which means, that exposure to wheat/gluten could compromise her immune system. And not in a small way. Untreated, people can die from this disease. Now I get it with vegans. That is a lifestyle choice, and no one would die from eating food out of their comfort zone. They could become rather ill, but it's not fatal.

But...that doesn't mean people should disrespect their dietary choices, so kudos to the CIC for recognizing this, and providing vegans with some acceptable options. And for the gluten free folks too. It's pretty forward thinking on their part, and that's smart. Why alienate a group of folks who may want to patronize your establishment.

They'll begin offering these new items starting February 14th, as high school basketball tourney season kicks off, according to WABI - TV 5. All the regular food will also be available too, so no worries. But now, the Cross Center may just find a few more seats full this tourney season, and that's fantastic.

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