The Department of Motor Vehicles has confirmed that a Maine license plate request has been approved with Trump's mysterious word, 'COVFEFE.'

The Portland Press Herald reports that Dana Lukens of Nobleboro requested the personalized plate just 10 hours after President Donald Trump wrote the infamous Tweet. He told the PPH that it was only $27 to make the change and so he figured why not?

Wednesday morning at around 12:06, the President wrote, 'Despite the constant negative press covfefe.' There was no follow-up to explain what the word meant or whether it was just a typo, but the Tweet was deleted. It was six hours later before Trump joked about the confusion, asking who could figure out the true meaning of 'COVFEFE.'

Maine is not unique, as media outlets from other states are also reporting that their DMV offices have received similar requests. There's no word on which Mainer ordered the plates, but they're sure to be a source of constant conversation!

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