Recently, a couple kids from the Medford Massachusetts area, had a wicked good idea. Traffic near their school was becoming unruly at points, and there was a strong desire to get cars to slow down. So these two kids put their thinking caps on, and suggested that maybe a 3D crosswalk would get people's attention better, and make them slow down.

I mean, if you look at it, I know I would slow down in a second if I thought I was about to careen into some cement blocks in the middle of the road. Really, if you had no idea what you were looking at, you'd jam on your brakes and screech to halt. I have to wonder though, if long-term it still slows people down? Do folks just become accustomed to it, and eventually ignore it?

Who knows, but in other countries it's helped out quite a bit. In parts of Europe and China, it's caused pretty dramatic drops in their violations, according to WCSH TV-6. I suppose even if you do know it's coming, it's still quite jarring. It'll still shake you right out of your road haze.

We all certainly have an opinion about new laws and hoe state/municipal money is spent, so do you think something like this could work here in Maine too? I think probably. I mean, why not? And, they're pretty cool to look at from an artistic perspective. Plus, everywhere you go, you could brag about our 3D crosswalks!

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