Two people have been sentenced after an undercover police officer posed as a pizza delivery person and saw drugs in their Waterville hotel room.

The drug bust happened on March 1st, when police went to the Best Western Motel to do a bail check on a woman who was staying there. Her bail conditions included not possessing drugs and being subject to random searches but, while the room was rented in the woman's name, she was not there when police arrived.

According to the Kennebec Journal, police were concerned that the woman wouldn't open the door if they identified themselves, so one officer dressed as a pizza delivery worker and knocked on the door, saying 'pizza.' 21-year-old Gibril Darboe, of the Bronx, New York, opened the door and the disguised officer immediately noticed a package of what appeared to be drugs inside. Also in the room were Brooke Knight, 27, of Hartland, and Larry Munn, 37, of St Albans, all of whom were out on bail. Police say all three people were in possession of fentanyl, and Darboe also had a loaded Kel-Tec handgun.

Darboe was sentenced to five years in prison. His attorney says they plan to appeal, because they feel police entered the hotel room illegally. Knight also pleaded guilty and was given a deferred sentence, which will include participation in the Criminogenic Addiction Recovery Academy.

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