I was talking to a friend of my wife's when she was visiting recently, and she was telling us about a friend of hers who does amazing granite/stone art down in the Sullivan area. Being kind of a dude-guy type, I didn't fully comprehend what that meant. I'm not a visually artistic person, so when someone starts talking about visual art of any kind, I kind of go deer-in-the-headlights.

So I looked Sullivan, Me artist Obie Buell online to see exactly what he does. And boy, I was in for a surprise. Again, I'm not sure what my naive mind was expecting, but when I watched this time lapse video of him making a cool leaf/plant sculpture, I was kind of blown away. He started with this giant piece of granite, and carved it down into this beautiful piece mounted onto some kind of stone footing. Scope the video yourself:

Pretty cool right?! His studio space is also part of a really cool spot called Stone Designs, Inc. & The Granite Garden Gallery, down in Sullivan. Here's the description of what they do there according to their Facebook page:

The Granite Garden Gallery is a sculpture studio and outdoor art gallery located on a historic quarry in Downeast Maine started in the summer 2003 by Obadiah Borne Buell. Here we sculpt artwork and create beauty to adorn your home and garden from up-cycling the abundance of granite left behind by the quarry industry one hundred years ago. Each piece is handmade at the studio by fusing old and modern stone working tools and techniques. Our sculpture reflects nature’s abundance of spectacular geologic forms.
So, not only can you go there an check out the amazing stone art Obie creates there, but you can also purchase pieces for your own home, yard, or garden! here's some photos from their website. They're so cool!

Cool Sculptures

To me, it's the perfect combination of good old Maine craftsmanship, and the honest treatment of one of nature's bounties. It's just a man, his tools, and the creation of gorgeous art. They always say, if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. And despite the size, shape, and weight of what Obie is working with, he makes it look like it's not even close to what the rest of us would call....work.

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