I have to admit, I always thought the pink snow shovels were just something to appeal to women. Makes sense, right? Boy, was I wrong. Those bright pink shovels you might see out and about have a very specific cause.

Mount Waldo Plastics in Frankfort has been making these pink shovels for several years now, with $2 from every shovel going towards cancer research. Maeks way more sense now, doesn't it? And, they have just passed the $70,000 mark, according to News Center Maine.

And it's not like these shovels are going out all over the country. They're sold in 17 stores around Maine, and that's it. However, they've been getting calls from all over the country, and ship them out as well. Then Mount Waldo takes the $2 collected form each shovel, and donates it to Northern Light Health's annual 'Champion the Cure Challenge'.

Now you know! You can stop looking like kind of an idiot the way I did, thinking these were just ladies shovels. I guess they kind of are in a way, but it's just a happy accident. Guys, we should be buying these too. Lord knows we've all been touched by cancer in our lives at some point. And now, here's an easy way you can help!


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