We don't really agree with John Hodgman's description of our beautiful state and its beaches!

In his interview with Trevor Noah on the Daily Show discussing his new book 'Vacationland' Hodgman says some things that some Mainers are not going to like!

When on the topic of how Maine became a state Hodgman referenced Maine as "garbage land" and "whole hunk of half Canada". True Mainer's know nothing pushes your buttons more than when someone thinks Maine is part of Canada! We are proud Americans too!

He also says he hates the beaches in Maine because "the oceans are cold, and made of hate and they want to kill you." He also says the beaches are made of "rocks and knives". We understand this is comedy, but come on!

While the water may be cold, we think it's great because it's not filled with some of the more deadly creatures you find in warmer water. Also, Maine has many types of beaches! Some are exactly what he describes, but others are sand, and some are covered with smooth beautiful pebbles!

We are going to assume Hodgman is living in the southern Maine area and hope that he ventures north to see what Vacationland truly has to offer. He said he feels bad for those who actually vacation in Vacationland but we think they are lucky! While he thinks "Vacationland is a cruel joke of a nickname" we think it fits!

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