The U.S. National Weather Service shares some great information for this, Cold Water Safety Week 2022.

Can’t imagine that anyone knowingly goes into the water this time of year, without preparing themselves, but just in case someone thinks it would be a good idea to get a head start on summer fun on the water somewhere in Maine this time of year, know this.

Cold water shock can occur in water below 70 degrees and the colder the water is, the more dangerous it becomes.

The air temperature is getting closer to 70, but it’s not there yet.  And certainly, the water temperature at your local pond isn’t that warm either.

The fact is that if you should fall into the water as cold as our lakes, rivers, and ponds are on this date, and you’re not prepared with a flotation device or a dry suit, one in five dies within the first minute of immersion due to shock.

The odds get worse if you are in the water for more than a minute. The "shock" of sudden immersion can trigger involuntary gasping, rapid breathing or hyperventilating. Uncontrolled rapid breathing can quickly create a drowning emergency if you inhale water and cannot stay afloat

Cold Water shock is very likely in the months of April and May and can even be a risk into summer, depending on where the body of water is located in our state.

Learn more about Cold Water Safety week here.

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