Brewer residents are invited to have Coffee with a Cop in Brewer on Wednesday.

The Coffee With a Cop program is a national campaign that works to humanize law enforcement and connect local departments with their communities. In other words, it aims to help residents see the officers as people, rather than just the uniform. And let's face it, when we all usually interact with police officers, it's a stressful situation, like when we get pulled over while driving. That feeling of stress stays with us, even when meeting up with officers in a less formal setting.

This Wednesday, at Tim Horton's in Brewer, residents are encouraged to stop by and chat with the members of the police department. It's a great opportunity to air any community concerns you may have and to ask questions. Or, if you prefer, just drop by to chat about the Patriots chances this year! The whole point is to see the officers as members of this community that we all enjoy.

Stop by for Coffee With a Brewer Cop this Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Tim Horton's in Brewer. For more information, log onto the Brewer PD's Facebook page.

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