I admit, I'm a bit biased. I have a well on my property. After being a city dweller for years, I couldn't believe the difference in the taste of water when I started getting it straight from the ground. It has almost no perceptible flavor, in the best possible way. But I do work in Brewer, so I'm no stranger to the city's faucet juice.

And I think I'm a fan. At least, I've never poured a glass of Brewer water, and thought, "how gross!" I can definitely not say that for other places I frequent. but I'm not here to call anyone out on their gross water, so much as celebrate Brewer's. So how did they come by this esteemed title?

Recently, in Bangor, the Maine Rural Water Association’s 39th annual conference was held. According to the BDN, a panel of three judges sampled water from all over the state, utilizing some of the same skills that a sommelier would use to test different wines. They were looking at taste, but also smell and.... mouth feel? Uh, I don't chew my water, but I'll play along.

Brewer won in the category of chemically treated water. the best well water in the state came from a retirement home in LaGrange. A sample of Brewer's agua will be sent off to Washington DC, to be judged in the national taste test in February. A Maine submission has never taken the top prize nationally, but maybe this is Brewer's year?

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