When the question was asked the expected response got pushed way down the list of answers. The Question? All I Want For Christmas Is? Fill in the blanks.

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First the expected responses were something to do with a tradition.  A food tradition.  A certain movie to be watched. A certainly family only story or joke that gets shared that nobody outside the gathering would get.

The most popular answer to the question was family. Missing family.

Assuming the people who responded that they wanted to see a son or a daughter or a mother or father are separated by distance, or by a hopefully temporary ‘family feud’

Life is too short to not get along. We feel for you. If you can be the conduit to peace, do it. Reach out. Ask them to find common ground. It will help you with your feelings too.

Yes we miss our family that we can’t be with this time of year.  And we miss those that have gone before us. Lots of us have childhood memories of how special Christmas was, because of the people responsible for making that happen. Our parents. Grandparents. Siblings. Thanks for the memories.

A couple of responses to our social media post were about finances. A guy with Covid wondering how he was going to pay bills. And a woman who is facing a truck payment and wondering how she’s going to scrap together that money.

The Christmas wish is that you’ll figure it out and get to enjoy the joy of the season instead of having to focus on the difficult decisions.

To you and your family, no matter the situation, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we will see you, part of our family, on the radio.

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