Ho Ho Ho

Timing. It’s all about the timing. This weekend Christmas is coming and just before that it looks like another round of snow.

So for all in Maine that say it just isn’t the same if there is not a blanket of snow on the ground for Christmas Day. Here we go.

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Over the weekend the first Nor Easter of the season brought in winds, rain and snow.

Sure was pretty

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Region to region varying amounts of snow, varying amounts of rain, and different results. From county to county the numbers are over a foot to an inch or less. Location. Location. Location.

Time to go over the rules again


Personal Pet Peeve

Headlights should be on when it’s gray skies or dark. And if you are using windshield wipers. Actually it is a law, not just a personal pet peeve.

And when I 95 has the speed limit reduced to 45 mph due to a storm, it is indeed for everyone, except for ‘that guy.’

You know, the guy who drives whatever speed he wants because he is the exception to the rule and in more of a rush than we are. ‘Isn’t he special.’

But wait there is more snow.

Forecast calls for more snow expected on Saturday which is Christmas Eve. But it’ll be a morning snow so out of the way for Santa to do his job.

That should put the memories of 70 degree days last month further back in our minds. And help prepare us for winter which is officially here on Wednesday.

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. More daylight beginning Thursday.

And as we approach the Christmas holiday and hopefully a time to take a break and spend time with family and close friends, no matter what the weather deals us, may you have a relaxing and meaningful celebration.

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