Justin Chipman was sentenced today to one year behind bars for the torture and killing of his former boss's pug dog.

WABI-TV reports, in addition to the jail sentence, he will serve a year on probation. Chipman and another former sternman on Phil Torrey's lobster boat, Nathan Burke, were both accused of stealing Torrey's SUV and damaging it, on the same night in 2018 that Franky was brutally tortured and killed. The dog's body washed up on shore a few days later.

Winter Harbor Police
Winter Harbor Police

Justin was found guilty to the charges against him in November, while Burke went on the lam, failing to show up for a court date in August. Police were unable to find Burke until they discovered him at the site of a domestic violence complaint earlier this month. He's currently being held without bail.

The details of the dogs death were gruesome. Officials said he was beaten, strangled, and shot before being wrapped in a garbage bag and dumped in the water. Franky's body washed up on the shore of a beach belonging to Hancock County's District Attorney.

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