Fall is in the air right now, whether we like it or not. Not specifically temperature-wise, but now that October is right around the corner, all types of social media are coming alive with cool fall activities. And some great ones are happening right here in Bangor!

Kicking off on October 2nd, the Bangor Historical Society is going to host a walking tour called the Darker Side of Mount Hope Cemetery! For 3 nights in October, you will be led around the cemetery to hear stories of unsolved murders, folks who dies before their time, or even under mysterious circumstances.

It's going to be kind of like telling old ghost stories around the campfire, except you'll be in a nice, spooky cemetery, and instead of tall tales...all these ghost stories are true! I know it'll make me sound like a big fraidy-cat, but even at my age, the idea of walking around a cemetery at night, hearing stories of folks who are no longer with us, under the spookiest of circumstances almost sounds more scary than fun. But I'd tough it out, I guess.

It's definitely encouraged that you get tickets in advance. There's only three of these tours, and with the proximity to Halloween and the fact that it's only $10, I guarantee this will be a sellout event. And you don't wanna be the guy or gal, that's left wishing they could go. Besides, it'll be a wicked fun time out amongst the tombstones, getting the stuffing scared out of you!

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