Every once in a while, YouTube is just the place to be. I mean, thanks to Facebook, most of us likely watch at least one video a day. And sometimes, it just seems over the top. As I was scrolling through, looking for something to write about. I noticed a bunch of old Bangor area TV commercials. And then I realized there was a fully dedicated YouTube channel, devoted to nothing but these old spots.

The channel, called Old Maine Commercials, had a huge collection of all the old ads from yester-year. Check some of these out!

Here's one for Grant's Dairy:

Remember the Mallside Discount Outlet?

Or check out the sah-weet mullet on this guy in this Taylor Rental spot!

I could watch and re-post these videos all day. Sure, they make me feel a tiny bit old, but who doesn't love to stroll down Memory Lane and see how we did things 20+ years ago. So, sit back, check these out, and have a chuckle.

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