Let’s get all lovey dovey for Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend. Or Not.

Okay, maybe this Valentine’s Day when you look into the mirror you see a nice person who has also become single. Ugh.

Here’s a way to do some good and maybe let off some steam towards your ex. Venting is good, right. The Humane Society Waterville Area has an interesting fund raiser underway. They want to fill their litter boxes with the names of your past loves.

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They say the cats have been feeding and are ready to cover your #1 ex, in plenty of #2. Actually their name, not them.  You write the name of your ex on a small piece of paper, choose the donation you want to give for this ‘service’ and all proceeds will benefit the animals at the shelter.  Love it.  Here’s the link to declare your Un-Love this Valentine’s Day.

HSWA Executive Director, Lisa Oakes says "We wanted to be all inclusive in our celebration of Valentine's Day"

There is a Humane Society in Kentucky that is doing a similar fundraiser, but they are soliciting pictures of your ex to line their kitty litter boxes.  Now that was a bad break up.

"It's all about good fun. We don't really hate anybody" added Lisa

If you don’t want to shame anyone in this way, The Waterville Humane Society has another great fundraiser going on where for $15 one of their volunteer artists will create a unique piece of art.  They’ll need a photo of your pet. Details here. 

This sure beats the Virtual tour of a New York Sewage Plant I originally thought the Mrs. would love for Valentine’s Day.

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