Job-seekers will want to polish up their resumes and head to Bangor on Thursday, for a huge career fair.

Finding work can be time-consuming, if you don't know who's hiring. For every application that you fill out, there are many other places that are simply not hiring. So the EmployMe Career Fair is perfect, offering a room chock full of businesses who are looking for new employees. The first hurdle is cleared and you can move on to the important elements, like handing over your resume and making a great first impression.

The 20th Annual EmployMe Career Fair is scheduled for this Thursday, October 26th, from 9 a.m. to noon. Bring copies of your resume to hand out, but you can also have it critiqued by professionals who can give you pointers on how to make it even more appealing to potential employers.

Businesses that will be at the fair cover a wide range of professions, from health care to construction, technology to retail. You can find a complete list on the Maine Career Center website.

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