Yesterday, being the 4th of July, we had our annual family cookout. Not just blood relatives, but our extended family as well. Friends and family from near and far gathered up so we could all enjoy the day. It was jam packed with more food than anyone knew what to do with, but we all ate til we couldn't fit any more. Great conversations, lots of laughs....all you could wish for in a little event like this.

But honestly, our friends have a little dog named Stella who pretty much stole the show all day long. Between her constant swims, chasing fish, barking at leaves, whatever...she just had us entertained and in stitches all day long. Anytime it looked like she was coming out of the water for a while, she would just circle the edges of the dock and eventually jump right back in. I don't think she completely dried off once the whole day.

Photo: Stasia Houp
Photo: Stasia Houp

In this video, sh'es just kind of hanging out. This was like the tenth time she got on the float yesterday.

And in this one, you can see the other float coming toward her, and she used it to climb onto and go ashore. Sadly, my battery died before I got the part where she jumped onto the other one, but it was a fabulous display to watch!

If you can keep a straight face, and watch these sweet little videos all the way through, then you're a better person than I am. So enjoy watching Stella ruling the waves and water at camp!


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