“I’d pay not to Jump”

Perfect. There’s a way to make that happen this year.  Of course there is. In our world of ‘virtual’, Camp CaPella is no exception. They have announced their Annual Polar Dip is happening. This year there will be 3 options to participate and help raise the much needed funds to run the camp.


If you thought that saying “I’d pay not to jump” would get you out of the fund-raising, there is a category called Jittery Jumper. It is for those of us who have said no way am I jumping into ice cold water, but I can make a donation.

Another way to help is in a category called Virtual Jumper. Instead of the ice cold water in Phillips Lake, you pick your day this month and then run under a sprinkler, sit in a tub full of ice, dive into a snowbank in your bathing suit, however you would like to get creative and have fun while helping out. Record a video of your adventure and share it with Camp Capella.

Courtesy Camp CaPella

And thirdly, there will be a live in person jump that will take place next Saturday the 27th beginning at noon.  Covid 19 guidelines will be in place. You can see those on Camp Capella’s website.

Courtesy Camp CaPella

You do have to register in advance and here’s the link. 

Every dollar raised helps send individuals with disabilities to camp. And speaking of camp, Executive Director Harvey Chesley was on Q106.5’s Public Affairs show Maine Concerns last weekend and was asked about this summer’s camp said “it’s not etched in stone, but we believe we can safely run a day camp. Keeping it to two or three small groups and enjoy camp”

Good news from Camp CaPella”

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