Camp Capella is expanding for the first time in 18 years, but more donations are needed to get it completed.

The summer camp located on Phillips Lake in Dedham serves children and adults with disabilities. Because they have campers with a large variety of challenges, it takes a lot of staff members, as well as medical personnel, to give the campers a safe and successful experience. So, most of the time, the camp is operating on a limited budget that hasn't allowed for any sort of expansion in 18 years.

In recent years, kids have been put on waiting lists, because the camp just wasn't big enough to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. But a groundbreaking ceremony was held this week on a 28-acre piece of land recently purchased by the camp and construction will begin soon on two new cabins that will allow for 70 more campers to attend Camp Capella. These new cabins will be a welcome addition to help make kids' dreams of going to camp a reality.

Funding for the expansion came, in part, the Sunshine Lady Foundation, which was founded by Doris Buffett. Their generous $200,000 donation will pay about a third of the $600,000 price tag. In addition, the group has promised to match an additional $100,000 in donations raised by the camp. So, obviously, they can use your help, as they work to reach that goal.

For more information on Camp Capella and to learn how to donate log onto the facility's website. 

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