Dick Curless made the Haynesville Woods famous back in the day with his song, A Tombstone Every Mile, but maybe you could make the Haynesville area famous for something new, by starting your own hunting camp/summer chill spot. There's an amazing piece of property for sale that makes me wanna quit my job and buy a campground!

I look at it and think of all the cool things I could do with it. Like turn one of the cabins into a small restaurant, or breakfast spot, where I could crank out delicious breakfast sandwiches for the folks renting my delightful little cabins. Granted, it's mostly born of my desire to run away into the woods and live off the land. Well, live off people's money from them living off my land. I'm no farmer or survivalist, so let's just get that right out of the way.

Listed by Deb Henderson of Maine Outdoor Properties, you'd have ten glorious acres all to yourself, with three well built and maintained cabins for you to rent out, plus a fully functional bath house. It's the woods...who needs indoor plumbing?! Plus you'll also have over 1200 feet of water frontage along the Mattawamkeag River. So there's plenty of room to hike, or swim, or canoe/kayak. Even a 12 foot easement across the Military Road to access the trails! Seriously, just scope these photos:

Haynesville Cabins

Now, you're probably thinking this is going to set you back a small fortune. But no! The whole property and everything on it is for sale for $149,000!!! That's less than I paid for my last house! When you consider all the things that could be done with the property, and the income potential it has, the thing practically pays for itself. You'd be sitting pretty, counting fat stacks of cash, while you're counting how many deer walk by the front door.

Again, the cabins are in turnkey condition, so you could buy the property and could conceivably start making money right out of the gate. So maybe it's time to have a talk with the spouse, and see if this awesome deal is right for you. But I wouldn't take very long, because someone else is gonna swoop in and seal the deal. And nobody likes to miss out on a great deal!

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