My friend Lisa Brassbridge lives in Swanville, and got this message sent to her phone at around 6:20 this morning:

Photo via Lisa Brassbridge
Photo via Lisa Brassbridge

For most kids, this would be a dream come true. A day off that has nothing to do with snow or anything, just a surprise day off. Things like that are what kids dreams are made of.

Now, imagine you're a parent that doesn't have a smart phone, or your child is old enough to get themselves out the door, but not to have a phone that receives messages? Your child would be standing out there for god knows how long, before coming inside?

This happened once when I was a kid. Not because of bus drivers, but there was a heating issue and they cancelled school, but my friends and I were already outside waiting for the bus. We waited for almost two hours before we decided to see what was going on.

There's no word on what happened today from the school district, according to a post from WMTW-8. But my friend Lisa, who shared the text from the school with me, says she's lived there her whole life, and this has never happened. It's unclear at this time whether it's a permanent shortage, or if it was a one-time event.

But let's just hope the kids get their school day back to normal. We all love an extra day off, but no one wants kids to miss out on their education because the school is having trouble picking the kids up. So cross your fingers, and hope that parents aren't once again saddled of the responsibility of choosing between going to work, or staying home with stranded kids!


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