The manager of the Spring Fountain Motel in Bucksport is accused of abusing three children who lived there last summer.

The children and their mother were staying at the motel last summer, and police say the kids were being watched by the manager, while their mother worked. According to a police affidavit, the children claim that Kaleen Adnan abused them in a variety of ways. A 6-year-old girl told police she was locked in a stinky fridge and, in another instance, tied up and hung upside down in his office. Police say the girl had extensive bruising. The girl's older brother alleges he was hit by a stick that had nails in it, and another sister said she was also assaulted.

Adnan, who goes by the name Danny, told WVII-TV that he denies the charges and has surveillance video from the night in question that will clear his name, and claims another man's DNA was found on some of the items in question. His attorney agreed that there appears to be a lack of corroborating evidence. Adnan is also charged with trafficking in drugs, after investigators found opioids in the motel. He says they were not found in his room but, rather, in a common area. The 29-year-old is a Muslim, who says he feels the accusations are racially motivated.

He's due in court in Ellsworth on June 20th.

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