Scott Bubar has been cleared of all the charges against him, including aggravated attempted murder, for a standoff last year in Belgrade.

The charges stemmed from an incident in May of 2017, when police were called to Scott's father's house on Oakland Road. Bubar says his father, Roger, was stressed and had asked him to come over for the night. During the evening, Scott testified that his father was drinking heavily and wanted to burn the tires on his car. He then started shooting a gun, and one of the bullets came very close to his son.

Neighbors contacted police about the gunshots and, when officers arrived, Roger Bubar ordered them off the property. He shot at the officers, who returned fire, and struck him in the leg. Scott Bubar testified that he yelled to police that he wanted to surrender, they fired again, and he was hit in the abdomen. He said he passed out and didn't realize, until he was walking out of the home to police, that his father had died in the incident.

In closing arguments, at the trial, prosecutors claimed that Scott Bubar fired all the shots and then slid the gun under his father's body. But defense attorneys said none of Scott's DNA was found on either firearm used that night.

On Wednesday, reports Scott Bubar was cleared of all charges, including aggravated attempted murder of a police officer and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon.

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