It was bound to happen up here sooner or later.

First and foremost, accidents happen and there's no shame to be had here...

That said, this seems to be a thing here in Maine. For some reason, there's a pole in the parking lot at the Auburn Walmart that is the stuff of legend at this point. It just claimed another victim last week. And as scary as some of these photos look, I imagine it's mostly damage to the vehicles. Parking lots aren't high-speed places typically.

Still, in the last year or two, that pole in Auburn alone has claimed the better part of a dozen cars. It used to make me wonder why it never happens up here. At least not with the regularity it does up there. But you gotta figure, odds are that someday the Bangor area would finally get its turn, and that day has come...

It happened Tuesday afternoon at the Brewer Walgreens.

Now, I'm not sure if there's something about the Walton corporation that makes people send their cars flying up the parking lot safety poles, but it seems somehow these poles they have at all these places are causing as many accidents as they prevent. Today, at the Brewer Walgreens, an SUV backed up onto one of the poles outside the store.

Laurie Nichols Kelly
Laurie Nichols Kelly

Laurie Nichols Kelly provided me with photos from her Facebook page, as she happened to be there. It doesn't appear as though anyone was hurt, but I'm sure official word will come from proper authorities later on. The photos show that someone accidentally backed into a pole, and ended up going right up onto it. It must've been terrifying.

Again, as I said above, the true circumstances will come out and accidents happen. There's nothing to be ashamed of. We've all been there. I'm actually more worried that somehow all the stores and their lots are cursed, and that we all need to fear for the safety of our cars, from the aggressive safety poles that seem to eat cars.

Enjoy a good chuckle at the expense of the Auburn Walmart pole...

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