Brewer Police are investigating a burglary and attempted burglary in the Sunset Strip-Starlight Drive area.

The two streets are located in South Brewer's Sherwood Forest neighborhood, with Sunset Strip branching off Parkway South, less than a mile from the Brewer Police Department. Brewer Police say no one was in the two homes at the time of the crimes, and no one was hurt. They're hoping to hear from anyone with outdoor surveillance cameras in that neighborhood, so they can examine the footage for any evidence of intruders. People who believe they have security footage that could be helpful should contact Detective Corporal Zachary Caron or Detective Sergeant Fred Luce. In addition, Brewer Police are advising residents around the city to keep their vehicle and house doors and windows closed and locked, and to report any suspicious activity to the department at 989-7000.

It's a season for visiting family and friends, shopping trips out of town, or even travel to warmer climates. So Brewer Police are advising anyone who plans to leave their homes for a long period of time to let them know. The house can be placed on a 'watch list,' which means police will pass by regularly looking for any signs of problems. Neighbors can help, as well, by keeping an eye on the empty houses on their block, looking for any suspicious activity. Police say this can include new or unusual pry marks on doors, cut or removed screens, and suspicious vehicles or pedestrians.

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