Country's Brad Paisley and rapper LL Cool J have been making the media rounds this week, talking about their controversial collaboration 'Accidental Racist,' which tackles the thorny issue of race relations in contemporary America. But on Saturday night (April 13) it was time for a break from all of the serious dialogue the song has opened up, as 'Saturday Night Live' spoofed the musicians in a sketch that aired on the Weekend Update comedy news portion of the show.

Playing off Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers as the straight man, Kenan Thompson portrayed the rapper, while Jason Sudeikis played Paisley with an exaggerated Southern accent and 'Hee Haw'-like persona.

"Racism's over, y'all!" Thompson-as-LL exclaimed to kick off the skit, while "Paisley" observed, "What I wanted to do is show the gritty racial reality of a man at Starbucks talking to his barista."

The skit played hysterically on the notion that country music and LL Cool J might not be a perfect fit, with his character observing, "When I agreed to do a country song, I knew I was risking my reputation as the most lowdown, hardcore cast member of 'NCIS.'"

The pair also revealed a "lost verse" from the song that supposedly didn't get used, which spoofs the actual chorus of the song: "I'm just a Caucasian / From the Dixie nation / I don't understand what 'racist' even means," the Paisley character sang, with "LL" rapping a series of lines that somehow tied together 'NCIS' and the Aryan Brotherhood.

Offensive, or funny? Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

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